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SEMrush Affiliate Program Review: Earn When You Sleep

Are you looking for an affiliate program that earns for you when you sleep?

Are you searching for an affiliate program with the highest recurring commission?

I am presenting you the SEMrush affiliate program.

SEMrush is the all-time popular marketing toolkit, try it for free.

It contains:

1. SEO

2. Advertising

3. Social Media

4. Content

5. Competitive research

6. Reporting and Management

SEMrush features
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SEMrush marketing toolkit is used by more than 6,000,000 users.

This is so famous because they have a very large database of Keywords, Domains, and Backlinks that you don’t need to go anywhere else.

SEMrush is the most reliable and accurate Marketing toolkit present in the market.

SEMrush marketing tool in figure
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SEMrush affiliate program is named as “Berush”

This affiliate program is popular because it provides 40% of recurring commission for every single sale. Join the SEMrush Affiliate Program here.

What is SEMrush Affiliate Program?

Semrush Affiliate program is also known as Berush

If you want to become an affiliate member of Berush then first you have to create a Berush Account.

SEMrush is the most popular and Premium SEO tool in the market with 6 Million+ users all over the world.

Once you join Berush, they will provide you a referral ID, by which they can track your referrals.

They will also provide you the readymade promotion materials like – Banners, widget etc, Using them you can make your content more attractive for referral.

For every successful sale of SEMrush from your referral/Affiliate link they will provide you a 40% of recurring commission

If you are a Berush member then it provides you many other chances to earn more, because they provide some competitions(Incentives) by which you can earn $50 more on each sale other than 40% commission

SEMrush incentives
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There are three kinds of plans offered by SEMrush are – Pro, Guru, Business.

SEMrush plans
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Berush provides you the Dashboard, where you can track your affiliate sales and payment details.

Become a SEMrush Affiliate Program Member.

 It is very simple to become an affiliate of SEMrush.

Let’s go step by step to join SEMrush affiliate program.

1. Click here to join Berush, It is absolutely free.

and you will see their registeration page

Berush registration
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2. Fill out your required credentials and finally press the “join now” button.

3. Now you just have to verify your email ID and you will be all set.

4. Finally, log in to your Berush account, Here you will see your Berush Dashboard where you can see your affiliate sales, payment from Berush, your referral ID, and the material for promotion

Berush Dashboard
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Features of SEMrush Affiliate program

Let’s see all the feature that SEMrush provides to its Affiliates.

1. Top SEO tool 

SEMrush is one of the top SEO tool present in the market, it provides lots of features with very accurate data.

This tool is used by over 6 Million users all over the world.

They provide very large data of backlinks, domain, keywords, etc with very high accuracy.

Let’s have a look:

SEMrush statistics
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SEMrush Traffic Data
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SEMrush Backlink Data
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Now, It is very important for an affiliate to promote a high-performance tool which means the value of money for the buyer, otherwise, you can not earn thousands of Dollars by promoting a bad product. 

With SEMrush you can enjoy the following:

1. Run a technical SEO audit on any site,

2. Track your daily rankings,

3. Analyze your competitor’s SEO strategy,

4. Research millions of keywords,

5. Get your traffic analytics,

6. Analyze whole and sole of Domain,

7. You can have social media management,

8. Create an optimized content,

9. You can do PPC keyword research,

10. It helps in Link Building.

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2. Great recurring commission

SEMrush is one of the companies that provides recurring commissions to its affiliates.

Berush provides 40% of recurring commission on each sale

They have 3 kinds of plans: – Pro, Guru, and Business.

SEMrush Plans
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And if you make a sale of any of them then you will get 40% of its selling price.

1. If you make a sell of Pro plan of $99 then you will get $39.6/month

2. If you make a sell of Guru plan of $199 then you will get $79.6/month

3. If you make a sell of Business plan of $399 then you will get $159.6/month

So, what kind of plan your referral bought, you will get the commission of 40% of that plan’s price

3. On-demand Promotion Material

The affiliate program of SEMrush provides you the variety of promotional material that you can use freely,

They provide Attractive Banner, Widgets, ebooks, and Links that you can use in your article, they help you to get more conversions.

SEMrush Promotional Material
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If they don’t provide that promo material then you can use only your affiliate link which has no image to see.

While there is a study by Backlinko, pictures, images, and videos make the content more engaging.

4. Long cookie life

If you are a Berush member then you will enjoy many benefits that other companies do not provide.

They provide a very long time for the cookie that store in the user’s browser when the user visit via your referral link.

They provide 10 years of cookie life for Berush partners.

Also, Berush program offers a first click attribution model. This means If a user clicks on your affiliate link and did not buy instantly but within 10 years of period buy the plan then still you will get the commission.

So if you are promoting SEMrush then you have very high chances to get the commission because the cookie life is 10 years.

5. Monthly Payout

This is a very important feature of the SEMrush affiliate program for affiliates.


Because, many other affiliate program payout when there is the minimum commission in affiliates account, and their “limit of minimum” is much high, so affiliate do not get paid for a longer period.

While Berush pays you monthly via Paypal or Wire Transfer 

With the threshold of

1. Paypal – $50

2. Wire Transfer – $1000

Benefits of Semrush affiliate program

There are lots of benefits that only a SEMrush affiliate program member get are as follows:

1. 40% recurring commission.

2. 10 years of cookie life.

3. Free for join.

4. Instant Approval.

5. First cookie attribution model.

6. Commission payout twice a month.

7. Ready made and attractive promotion material.

8. Berush Dashboard to track your referral link clicks, sales, payout.

9. Free trial.

10. Affiliate program contest to make extra earnings.

How to Promote the SEMrush SEO tool to have maximum earning?

SEMrush provides a very effective affiliate program that is called Berush. If you want to make a passive income through it then you should join it now! 

If you want to make money then it should be very clear, how to promote it for maximum benefit.

Let’s move pointwise on how to promote the SEMrush SEO tool.

1. Blogging/Personal site

This is a very popular way to promote SEMrush, 

Here on your blog you can write the review of SEMrush and don’t forget to include your affiliate link.

Why this method is very popular?

Because when anybody buys a product, if it is digital or physical they look for a review of that product so they can understand the product before buying that they should go for it or not.

One thing you need to keep in your mind that you should write a deep and thorough article so a visitor need not to go anywhere else.

And this thing is possible only when you are using SEMrush.

So, get your 7 days free trial of SEMrush here.

Now, if you are writing a review then you should include the following topics:-

1. How to find long-tail keywords using SEMrush?

2. How to find low competition keywords

3. How to track your competitor’s backlinks?

4. On which keyword competitor is ranking?

5. How to rank #1 on the Search engine using SEMrush?

6. How to do SEO of the site using SEMrush?

7. How to do proper Audit of the Site using SEMrush?

If you follow these points then it will help you to write an attractive review.

Let’s move to next point

2. Social media marketing

Social media is the mine of traffic. As a blogger sometimes it is very difficult to get organic traffic from search engines.

While If you are a social media influencer then you can do it with fingertips.

Social media like Facebook is full of traffic that’s why generally a marketer bid money on Facebook ads because you can get high traffic from Facebook.

Even if you get organic traffic from search engines then what’s wrong with the referral traffic.

How to promote the SEMrush on social media?

Let’s see:-

1. Be active on social media and interact with other users, So when you post a SEMrush promotional post then you can get engagement.

2. Create Facebook group and fan page where you can promote SEMrush and be active in the group.

3. Join and be active in other groups related to SEO so you can promote SEMrush here also.

4. You can make use of other social media networks like – Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit where you can write short blog posts for making a more real, attractive, and engaging post.

3. Email Marketing

Believe me or not every single pro blogger have their email list.

Why an email list is that important?


1. It is the source of targeted traffic.

2. Email list can replace the search engine traffic.

There is a popular saying “Money is in the list”.

And it is true because it has a high conversion rate.

According to VentureBeat, there is $40 in return of every $1 investment in email marketing. 

There are many tools in the market for email marketing but I prefer ConvertKit and many pro bloggers recommend it.

Why use convertkit? – features.

1. Send Email for your latest blog post,

2. You can send email of SEMrush promotion and offers to your subscribers,

3. Make an ebook or pdf about SEO where you can promote SEMrush and send them through convertkit by automation

Click here to get started with Convertkit.

Email list is very essential to have high SEMrush affiliate sales. 

Who should join SEMrush affiliate program?

Anyone can join the SEMrush affiliate program and it is free to join with instant approval.

If you want to make passive income with a recurring commission of 40% then you who should join Berush 

Before registering for Berush, you should know what your blog should have and what not?

What should blog have?

1. Your blog should have some articles

2. Your blog should have a “disclosure” page for affiliate promotion.

3. It should have a “privacy policy” page.

4. It should have a ‘contact us’ page.

5. Content should be the language they want (English, Spanish, Italian, etc)

Actually these things are needed for every affiliate blog.

What should a blog not have?

1. It should not contain pornography

2. Violent or hate material

3. It should not promote illegal activities.


You don’t have a Blog

OK, Don’t worry,

You can promote the SEMrush SEO tool via email marketing, social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or twitter even you can promote it via youtube.

But if you want to promote with a blog then you can check the full guide on How to create a blog for yourself.

FAQ about SEMrush Affiliate Program.

Q1. Is SEMrush Affiliate Program Free to join?

Ans. Definitely, Berush is 100% free to join, you just need to register and you are all set.

Register for Berush Affiliate Program Now! 

 Q2. How much time it takes to Approve your application for Berush?

Ans. It does not take any little time to approve your application for Berush because the whole process is on automation.

So, Anybody can register for Berush and is all set to start Promoting SEMrush to earn a recurring commission.

 Q3. How much one can earn by promoting SEMrush?

Ans. To be very honest there is no limit of earning from SEMrush Affiliate program, the more you create the referral client the more you earn the affiliate commission.

While there is a fixed rate of 40% that you will earn from each sale and it is recurring.

Q4. How will you get the payment? 

Ans. There are two way by which SEMrush payout its Affiliate,

1. Paypal – Minimum of $50

2. Wire Transfer – Minimum of $1000

So, once you reach to your payment threshold they will send it to you.

 Q5. When do Berush payout its Affiliate?

Ans. They pay your payment twice in a month – but you should cross the payout threshold.

They pay on the 10th and 25th of each month.


SEMrush affiliate program is the best recurring commission affiliate program, they payout commission twice in a month.

SEMrush provides 40% of recurring commission for each sale.

Berush provides instant approval for affiliate registration.

They provide the best SEO features and that you can promote SEMrush with a happy face. It has 6 Million+ users worldwide.

Now it is your turn.👍

Let me know in the comment.

1. What you like Most about the Berush?

2. How the post is helpful to understand the Berush?

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