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13 Best chrome extensions for bloggers (FREE)

If you are a blogger and putting lots of energy and time to grow your blog then here are the 13 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers in this blog post.

If you want to make your blog successful then definitely you have to put efforts but you can do with ease and smoothness with the help of chrome extensions.

Google chrome is the most popular browser till now because it provides very good speed to load and free tools to make your work faster and easier.


This post is all about the Best chrome extensions for Blogger that will help you to increase productivity and boost your blog.

There are thousands of Chrome extensions in the market that you can use but here I am going to share 13 Best Chrome Extensions which Boost my blog productivity and reduce the effort and time needed.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers to save lots of your time and effort.

13. Grammarly

This is a very important chrome extension if you are a blogger or content writer. This Extension will ensure you to write grammatically correct content.

Grammarly is a proofreader, punctuation checker, and grammar checker chrome extension.

It works very well on WordPress editor, Google docs, Microsoft notepad, and many more including famous social media networks.

grammarly chrome extension
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You can use Grammarly on many other platforms like Quora, Gmail, etc.

Note:- It is a Highly Recommended Chrome extension that you Must use.

12. Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension

I write blog post and here i use images and screenshots many times as you can see, for that I prefer Awesome screenshot chrome extension to take screenshots for my blog post.

awesome screenshot chrome extension
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This is just a very good extension of chrome, I recommend to use this chrome tool to have screenshots.

Why I Recommend?

  • You can take professional screenshots using that chrome extension.
  • You can capture the “Visible part” of screen capture if needed.
  • You can capture the “Selected part” of the screen if needed.
  • You can also capture the “Entire page” If needed.
  • Very Easy to use with lots of functions.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts of Awesome screenshots chrome extension.

  • ctrl + shift + Z (to capture Visible part).
  • ctrl + shift + S (to capture selected part).
  • ctrl + shift + E (to capture entire page).

Use this chrome extension and save your time and efforts to make your blog ready.

11. Stayfocusd

If you are a blogger who loses focus to work on your blog then it can be a very effective chrome extension for you.

If you spend a lot of time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other site but you want to limit their use so, this is for you.

stayfocusd chrome extension
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How it works?

You just have to add the websites in this extension on which you waste your time procrastinating like Facebook, Email, Instagram, etc.

And set the time you think is Okey like 1 Hour or 2 Hours then after using for that limited time this chrome extension will block the website and after that, you can use the sites on the next day only.

So if you are suffering from procrastination and wasting time on the internet then this is a Must extension for you.

10. Email Hunter

Email hunter is very important chrome extension if you want to rank your site, want traffic, want to do SEO and want to make money out of it.

This is the extension if you want Email outreach. If you want to get Email of any website owner/founder so, you can have a backlink from that site then this is the extension that comes in picture.

email hunter chrome extension
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This extension gives you the exact email address of that website owner/founder so you can reach the owner directly.

How it works?

You just have to visit the website you want the Email address of and simply click on the Email Huter chrome extension then you will get the Email address.

This is a very important free tool for bloggers to have Email outreach so you can make backlinks for your site.

I am using it you must try it.

9. Save to pocket

If you are a blogger and research a lot for your blog but after a time you don’t have an idea of what you research then Save to Pocket Chrome extension is for you.

save to pocket chrome extension
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When I research for my blog post then there are websites and videos which I saw and save them to that extension so I can see them later again.

You can easily read the articles and videos on your mobile device also.

Believe me, this tool will save a lot of your time and energy.

You must try this and experience the ease.

8. Page Analytics (by Google)

Do you want to see the Analytic data of one single page of your website?

Then this tool helps you in that, With this extension, you can easily see the exact google analytics report of that page and with that,

page analytics chrome extension
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They also display page views of that particular page but for displaying that you need to authenticate your Google Analytics account with this extension. 

If you want to save a lot of your time of checking Google analytics for a specific page then this extension is for you, which is an Official free tool by GOOGLE.

Must try this amazing extension.

7. Link Miner

If you have done SEO for your site then you definitely need Backlink for that and the Broken link is one of the ways for having Backlink.

If you have ever tried broken link building, you know the big headache is to find broken links on any given web page.

This is where the link miner comes in the picture.

It is a simple, free tool that helps you check web pages for broken links.

The best thing about this tool is its simplicity.

To use it, you just have to click the extension icon, and it marks broken links on the web page with a red background making them easily visible.

link miner chrome extension
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Not only that, but you can also enable options to display error code and number of backlinks for every link on the web page.

I find it useful to enable these two metrics in this tool.

It is a must tool for every blogger.

6. Keyword Everywhere

If you are an affiliate marketer and blogger then this extension is must for you,

Keyword Everywhere is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to find the best keyword in your niche,

keyword everywhere chrome extension
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In this extension, you can have the data like – keyword volume, CPC, and how much competition you have on that keyword.

This tool will not only provide google data but they also provide data of:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Youtube
  3. Amazon
  4. UberSuggest
  5. Google
  6. AnswerThePublic
  7. Moz Open Site Explorer
  8. Many more…

If you are looking for the best free keyword research tool then I recommend you to must try this Free extension.

5. SEO Minion

If you are struggling to do on-page SEO then this chrome extension is for you.

This is all in one SEO chrome extension and the cool thing is it is absolutely free.

SEO minion chrome extension
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This chrome extension is recommended by many Pro-Bloggers and SEO companies (ahrefs).

It helps to check broken links, metadata, highlights all internal and external links also they have one unique feature of SERP preview which helps you to see your metadata and title in Google search engine.

Google search location simulator is one of the best feature of SEO minion that helps you to find your exact ranking on Google and hence it saves a lots of time, which you waste while finding your article on SERP.

If you want a free SEO tool then you must try it.

4. GMass

If you know how beneficial reaching out to other bloggers is for your blog’s growth, you also know what a pain in the ass email outreach can be at times.

Gmass is an awesome free tool that can save you tons of time and make email outreach far easier.

You just need to create a list of prospects in a Google Sheet, connect Gmass, and with a single click you can send emails to all of your prospects at once.

GMass chrome extension
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It offers a lot of features for free, but one of its best features is the ability to send hundreds or even 10,000 emails in just one click.

It can cut the time required for email outreach by more than half.

3. Easy Blog Commenting

If you are a blogger and working for SEO of your blog and working on your networking then this is the extension for you.

Easy Blog Commenting chrome extension
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It is created by India’s Top Blogger Harsh Aggarwal. This extension helps you to fast commenting on other’s blog posts and saves a lot of time.

How it works?

Here you can make many profiles and can comment using different profiles as suitable you. On one click you can fill your name, email, and website address according to profiles you made.

If you want to make many Nofollow backlinks then this is a must for you.

2. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is an awesome tool that allows you to ‘clip’ anything you see on the internet.

It allows you to save articles, infographics, screenshots, and images to your Evernote notebooks.

Evernote web clipper chrome extension
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It helps a lot when it comes to content research allowing you to capture inspiration when it strikes and makes it all available on all your devices.

1. MozBar

If you ever go in deep of SEO then surely you have heard about Moz. It is a well-known company that provides SEO matrices to rank your site.

Moz bar chrome extension
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MozBar is an official chrome extension of

It shows Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) which gives you the basic and fundamental Idea about the site and you can use their Free tool Link Explorer also to further enquire.

You must try this extension if want help in SEO.

It is a very reliable source and recommended by many Pro Bloggers also.


I hope these chrome extensions help you to save a lot of your time and effort.

There are thousands of extensions that are available and very helpful, but here we tell about 13 extensions that I work with them and help me extremely.

Tell me in the Comment section which is your Favorite and most helpful extension… It can be Grammarly, MozBar, or any other.

If I forgot to mention your favorite one then let me know in Comments.

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2 thoughts on “13 Best chrome extensions for bloggers (FREE)”

  1. This is a full value-packed blog post.

    Currently, I’m using 7 extensions from this list.

    After reading this article, I used all extensions because all mentioned extensions are so useful for bloggers.

    Thank you Kaushlendra for writing this amazing article.

    • Definitely Gaurav all the extensions are very helpful for bloggers to save their valuable time.

      thanks for sharing your thought.


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