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7 Best Ahrefs Alternatives(Free, Paid)[BuzzSumo Vs Ahrefs]

If you start a blog then SEO is a must, Ahrefs is the popular SEO tool.

There are Ahrefs Alternatives exist in the market, some are free alternatives while others are paid with comparisons like SEMrush vs Ahrefs and Buzzsumo vs Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is a Premium SEO tool so, there is always a need for Ahrefs Alternatives that are Free or at a smaller price.

Let’s see the 7 Best Ahrefs alternatives that I researched.

In this post, I will

1. List out 7 Ahrefs Alternatives, you can use in place of Ahrefs.

2. Show you the comparison of each Ahrefs Alternative with Ahrefs.

3. My personal experience with each tool.

So, if Ahrefs is not good for you, check out the list of Ahrefs Alternatives below.

The 7 Best Ahrefs Alternatives.

1. BuzzSumo :

Let’s have a look at BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo vs Ahrefs
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This is a very important tool if you want to market your content.

If you are a content marketer then definitely you should work with BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo helps you to

  • Have good content ideas.
  • Create high performing content.
  • Monitors your performance.
  • Identify influencers in your market.

Are you thinking content marketing is more important? I want to clarify you should work with BuzzSumo.

Do you want to know which type of content should you write and which will work in your market? then you should go with BuzzSumo.

Comparison BuzzSumo Vs Ahrefs

◾ To be very clear BuzzSumo and Ahrefs are very different tools

for example – BuzzSumo lacks a lot of key SEO features while which are available in Ahrefs, on the other hand, Ahrefs lacks content-focused features that are available in BuzzSumo.

◾ BuzzSumo is a content-focused software, it helps you in content marketing.

Ahrefs is an SEO focused tool.

◾ There is nothing like right or wrong, it depends on what kind of market you are working in.

There are plenty of people focus only on the SEO of their site or they have SEO clients so they work on Ahrefs frequently will use BuzzSumo once in a week.

I personally use both all the time because for a site’s ranking both its SEO and content are necessary.

While there is another kind of people, they work on their content so used BuzzSumo mainly and Ahrefs twice a week.

2. Ubersuggest :

Ubersuggest is one of the best Freemium SEO tool in the present market.

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Using this tool by Niel Patel you can have

  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Research
  • Backlink analysis
  • SERP analysis
  • Domain and Page authority
Ubersuggest features
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and believe me, all information is very accurate and solid.

Why I am saying Ubersuggest is Freemium?

Because Ubersuggest is free for some features for a specific daily time limit, after that If you want to use the tool for a long time and with full features then you have to pay for it.

And its plans are like.

Ubersuggest plans and pricing
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Free limited features are still very solid

Ubersuggest SEO tools
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but if you want to unlock more features of Ubersuggest like unlimited SEO audit report then you can buy their plans which is very helpful If you have a bunch of websites or have SEO clients.

Comparisons Ubersuggest Vs Ahrefs

◾ Featurewise Ubersuggest is solid but Ahrefs is much better.

◾ If I have to choose based on features and reliability then I will go for Ahrefs, no doubt.

◾ But other important factor comes is cost. Ahrefs starts at $99/month while Ubersuggest starts at $29/month.

◾ If you are with limited budget and want to do SEO of your site then you can definitely go with Ubersuggest.

3. SEMrush :

SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tool in the market.

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It is very close to Ahrefs in comparison. This tool is really very good.

This helps you with many features like

  • Traffic analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • SEO site audit
  • On-page SEO analysis
  • and lots more
SEMrush features
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SEMrush features

They claim 6 Million users, 20 Billion keywords and 800 Million domains, which is very big figure.

SEMrush in figure
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In my opinion SEMrush and Ahrefs both are very close to each other (Both in terms of Quality and Quantity).

Do you want to use SEMrush?

Click the special link to get 7 days free trial of SEMrush.

And check your site’s health in free, just signup

Comparision SEMrush Vs Ahrefs

◾ SEMrush and Ahrefs are very similar in terms of Features, similar in terms of Quality and Quantity.

◾ SEMrush and Ahrefs are similar in their pricing.

SEMrush plans and pricing
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SEMrush plans and pricing
Ahrefs plans and pricing
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Ahrefs plans and pricing

◾ They both provide trusted and solid data to work with.

4. Monitor Backlinks :

Monitor Backlinks claim they have “the best tool for backlink, keyword and period”

Monitor Backlinks
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It has been featured on some very well known companies like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Quicksprout, Backlinko.

They also claim they have worked with 100,000+ users and grown their business.

Monitor Backlinks feature
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This tool basically helps you to manage your backlinks, plan your keywords, and helps you to drive traffic.

This tool provides you the features like

  • Build great links
  • Monitor your brand and create relationships with influencers
  • Recover valuable lost links
  • Track keyword ranking
  • Reverse engineering of competitor’s keyword and backlink strategies.

Comparision Monitor Backlink Vs Ahrefs

◾ If we compare the pricing of both then will found that Ahrefs “starter” plan is $99/month while that Monitor Backlink “starter” plan is $25/month.

Monitor Backlinks plans and pricing
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Monitor Backlinks custom plans and pricing
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◾ Obviously, Monitor Backlink is spacially for backlinks while that Ahrefs is an all in one tool, so you can understand there is no similarity and comparison overall.

◾ Definitely, you should not waste your time in Monitor Backlink and should buy Ahrefs for the overall SEO of your site.

◾ Monitor Backlinks have a free trial that you should try while that of Ahrefs has a 7 days trial for $7.

5. Mangools :

Mangools is not a typical SEO tool or software.

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Because, it is not actually a single tool for all but it consists of many tools for different tasks so, you have to select the tools accordingly.

Mangools consist of 5 tools and you can see all of them in the picture below

Mangools SEO tools
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KW finder is one of the tools which helps you to research the keyword via Domain name or keyword.

Grab the 10 days free trial of KW Finder (limited time)

Mangools KW finder
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But if you want to use another tool like LinkMiner then you have to go back to the 5 different tools and have to select Linkminer to Backlink analysis.

Mangools LinkMiner
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Choosing a different tool by moving back, again and again, is very awkward and user-unfriendly which makes the user annoying about Mangools.


Find out the keywords of low difficulty NOW! (using the below tool)

Comparison Mangools Vs Ahrefs

◾ The pricing of Mangools start from $29 while that of Afrefs is $99 starting.

Mangools plans and pricing
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◾ Mangools come in 2014 in the SEO industry while Ahrefs is one of the oldest players of that game.

◾ You can have the free trial for 10 days (without filling online payment details), which is one of the good thing so that a user should check their potential product.

6. MOZ Pro :

MOZ Pro is one of the pro tool from MOZ.

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This is one of the all in one SEO tool. It has features like

  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Site audit
  • Page optimization insights

The base company MOZ provides you some free SEO tools, by using them you can evaluate the value of MOZ Pro.

They have free tools like

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Free Domain Analysis
  • Link Explorer
  • MOZ Bar
  • and more
MOZ free tools
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All these free tools can be used from their website MOZ.

Comparison MOZ Pro Vs Ahrefs

◾ There is a study done by Backlinko on the best backlink checker and the result was in favour of MOZ.

backlinko best backlink checker post
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◾ They found MOZ was actually on the same level as other top SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

The no. of backlinks in its index are almost the same.

backlinko site data table
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◾ The pricing of MOZ Pro is same as that of Ahrefs while in my opinion, $99/month is much more then what they should charge.

MOZ pro plans and pricing
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So, If you want to spend money then you should go with Ahrefs or SEMrush.

7. Majestic :

Majestic SEO is one of the top SEO tool present in the market.

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It is one of the tool which focuses 100% on Backlink data.

So, if you are one who wants to focus on making your site’s backlink and want to get data then Majestic is for you.

If we look at the top backlink checker in the market then you will definitely get its name.

According to Backlinko data on the best backlink checker, you will find Majestic at a good place.

And you can see Majestic is showing more total links for some sites.

The main problem in Majestic is its UX is super outdated.

Majestic backlink user interface
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And I’m not just talking about the looks and feels. I don’t really care about it, but on the backend, it is more tricky to use.

Comparision Majestic Vs Ahrefs

◾ In terms of backlink data Majestic is definitely in comparison with Ahrefs.

◾ Majestic is 100% a backlink checker while Ahrefs is all in one SEO tool for a site.

Comparing a tool based only on one data is definitely not right but we have to see their key features, customer support, account UX, and more then definitely Ahrefs win.

◾ The pricing of Majestic is $50/month for Starter or Lite.

Majestic plans and pricing
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while for Ahrefs is $99/month, so if you are a person with a limited budget and focusing only on backlink for your site then you must try this.

◾ But if you want an all in one SEO tool then Ahrefs is probably your best bet.


BuzzSumo vs Ahrefs vs other SEO tools is a comparison that I have experienced and researched. With the help of this post, you can easily come on a judgment of which tool should you use.

You can see SEMrush is almost in comparison with Ahrefs but it is paid, however, you can use Ubersuggest free.

There are other tools as listed above have some pros and cons accordingly, But you have to decide, what is your need or requirement and then come to your final decision.

What Did I Miss?

So, that is my list of 7 Ahrefs alternatives.

No, I would like to hear from you.

Are there any tools that are similar to Ahrefs that you use?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “7 Best Ahrefs Alternatives(Free, Paid)[BuzzSumo Vs Ahrefs]”

  1. Amazing content, amazing comparision.

    Very good kaushlendra for these brief 7 alternatives of ahrefs and comparision of Buzzsumo vs Ahrefs

    By the way, i am using SEMrush as my SEO tool

    • Thanks Akshay

      yes, SEMrush is one of the best Ahrefs alternatives and is very popular in the market.


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